Tuesday, 26 January 2016


If you haven't heard of Death To Flowers, it's about time you did. Throughout the year many opportunities will arise to send congratulation gifts; gifts of love, gifts of celebration, gifts of 'damn-you-who-got-the-job-and-I-didn't-you-basic-bit...-I mean-congratulations type scenarios
, and many of us turn to flowers, no? I love flowers. I do. But, Death To Flowers brings us a 2016-savvy alternative that your receiver won't be expecting (and we all love a good ol' surprise don't we? Except when you're husband creeps up behind you with a foghorn). For the 'friend or loved one who expresses emotions with emojis' there is the Club Tropicana box, for instance. This little beauty packs an inflatable flamingo drinks holder (oooh!), an emoji temporary tattoo, a fortune cookie, a vintage 1940s cigarette card and a gourmet Dolfin chocolate bar. And that's not all. You get to choose from a selection of witty message cards to send with it! I like: 'May the wings of your liquid eyeliner always be even' as well as 'THINKING OF YOU not in a weird way'. V.poignant, inspiring words, I feel. And, the other boxes? Well how does a What would Beyonce do? Box sound? ('like OMG, come on YOLO'), a What would Snoop Dogg do? (ahhhhhH!), a Baby Love box that caters to the new mum in your life and her needs with a miniature Congratulations Organ! (*OMG*) If you haven't already clicked HERE and stopped reading this to head over to the site, my goodness what are you DOING? Click HERE and send out a box, like, NOW! I'm off to 'borrow' some more money from my husband for 'urgent bills' (not to send a box out to self).

WARNING: V.witty talk occurs throughout website, especially in regards to the directions on how to use/implement each boxes' gifts. Be ready for much 'pant-wetting'.  

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