Tuesday, 18 April 2017

SPRING VIBES | In the office

Spring is finally in the air, and I've happily found time this Easter weekend to revamp and redecorate the office. Now I'm freelance, I think it's important to create a cool, inviting space to work in, one which says 'come in, sit and work away' rather than 'come in - if you can get around all the clutter I haven't had time to tidy away - and perch haphazardly at your desk, be distracted and drink 400 cups of coffee'... 

I've been collecting things for a while (including this fabulous printed cushion by Arthouse*) and, combined with these feature finds, incorporated a much-needed trip to IKEA for the staples: the minimalist sofa, coffee table, desk, lampshade and rug. Keeping the room light, bright and airy was important, so we painted the walls white (and pretty much everything else to be honest). 

*Gifted item 

I wanted to add a touch of spring colour into the room, so Arthouse's Kotori Sky Blue Cushion, (at a mere £14.99) was the perfect thing! Just look at those hues- plus it's available in blush and gold too. They effortlessly pop against the chic, minimal lines of the sofa, and as well as this I've incorporated splashes of pale pink, gold, and marble among the white to add that final flourishing touch... 

All I need now is a massive vase of glorious blooms! 
Hello spring, I'm happy you've finally arrived... 

P.s. You can discover lots more gorgeous printed picks at Arthouse by clicking here


#1 Suki Peacock Capped Canvas, £40, Arthouse 
#2 Kyasha Gold Screen, £110, Arthouse 
#3 Suki Gold Foil Cushion, £12.99, Arthouse 


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