Thursday, 1 December 2016

Find your perfect home fragrance this Christmas | with AMARA

With it being the 1st December today (and Christmas glimmering alluring on the horizon) I'm starting to dress the house with all types of cosy, winter-worthy things starting with this gorgeous D.L.& Co. marble candle from Amara...

I'm very much one of those people who - once entering a glossy department store - completely forget everything on the penned 'shopping list' that I'm supposed to stick to and just sort of gaze, slightly mesmerized, around. This is even more apparent once entering the home fragrance zone. There are often so many delicious fragrance notes entering ones nose that it just results in me lunging for all and everything...(my husband is never pleased when I arrive home clutching 17 candles). 

Luckily however, one of my favourite homeware brands, Amara has just launched a super cute, super fun home fragrance quiz! Meaning you won't return to your humble abode with 109 years-worth of candles and incense sticks to burn...

I took the quiz, and discovered I'm often drawn to floral notes (of which the glorious Grey Marbled 3 Wick candle nods to with its delicate Midnight Tuberose scent). It's set to be seated right in the center of our coffee table in the living room among the endless piles of glossies and books... 

Want to take the QUIZ? Click HERE
Or shop by scent here

Let me know what scent you end up with in the comment box below! 


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