Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Spectacle-wearer? Ya, me too! 

I've worn glasses ever since I was at primary school (having slowly realised that seeing people's faces as blurry shapes and colours and mistaking a far-away flock of sheep for a cloud wasn't normal). 

I remember my first ever pair; a pair of little round tortoiseshell frames (very Harry Potter-esque now I think about it) that really didn't suit my face shape and made me feel quite self-conscious. By the time I was 17 I was desperate to get my hands on contact-lenses. It was a time when the frames just weren't what they are now and there wasn't a lot of choice. 

It was all about the round frames, like this:

Than lovely Ryan Gosling frames like this:

Happily however, with the likes of brands like Warby Parker bringing on-point frames to the floor glasses have never been so popular (people actually buy non-prescription glasses!). Choose from the brand's endless array of stylish frames and find something that fits, regardless of whether you're a double-denim-wearing minimalist or someone with more of a relaxed bohemian vibe! What I also love about the brand is that they do a Home Try-On service (which means you can try and stare at yourself 3 cm's away from the mirror in peace. Seriously, in-store I've had to resort to taking selfies because I can't see what I look like in the new frames). 

So, if you're a tortoiseshell frame-lover like me Warby Parker have got a whole haul of tortoiseshell beauties (and much, much more) that will have you reaching for the credit card in an instant! Just click here to discover more

All images (except the three second down from the top) are sourced from Warby Parker 

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