Thursday, 24 November 2016


I recently decided that I needed to invest in some fresh new fitness gear (the real reason? I was hoping it might help persuade me to go to the gym, not just pay for it)....

I'd love to tell you I jump out of bed at 6am and head effortlessly to the gym, but that would be, well, pretty much all LIES. In reality, as you'll already know if you've read my 10 top GYM-avoidance techniques (explained in gifs) post, I pretty much FAIL MISERABLY when it comes to going to the gym. No matter! I have bought these glorious new pieces that I'm sure will drive me in to the gym in an instant and I'll soon be stepping wildly on the stepper-thing without breaking a sweat...

In no way am I currently sitting here with the rose gold Nike sweater on blogging. 
Shop my picks below...


White jeans, ASOS - Similar 


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