Thursday, 24 November 2016

MICHAEL KORS | A timeless collection

Trust Michael Kors to deliver another Holiday 2016/17 collection that makes me want to sell everything in order to buy it ALL...

It's coming up to Christmas (yes, I've finally got on board with that) and soon, when January hits, I expect we'll all be considering that annual wardrobe shake-up. You know the one, where you realise that everything seems 'very last season' and not suitable to wear anymore (it's all lies, you just want new clothes - let's be honest here). It's okay, I get you, and what better place to start than Michael Kors' 2016/17 holiday wardrobe? This capsule line has something for every occasion and brings a haul of timeless chic with it. Turn up to the office in the lace culotte suit and take the boardroom by storm, or drop everything and opt for the perfect dose of minimalism with my favourite: the all-white ensemble above... 

So, no panicking allowed. 
Michael Kors has got you more than covered *fist pump*

Click here to discover more (including their Black Friday Weekend discount! #eek)  

All images are sourced from Michael Kors 

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