Monday, 7 November 2016


I've always lusted after the effortlessly cool bare brick walls you see on TV in American apartments - you know, the ones in New Girl and Friends. There's something very cool and urban in the effect that they have on the rest of the room. What happens, however, when you move into a house without a bare brick wall? Don't panic. You turn to PIXERS and create your own...*high five*

I'd decided that my blogging room/desk situation needed a much-needed urban update. The answer? This rather epic White Brick Wall Sticker from Pixers. Not only is this little beauty easy to apply to your wall (it's useful if you have an extra pair of hands for this bit) but it's seriously realistic. I love the minimal, slightly industrial vibe it's given to the room - just perfect if you're looking to transform a room in mere minutes. 

It's not just wall stickers Pixers offer either, you'll be hard-pushed not to fall in love with their Wall Murals too, not to mention their prints and posters. Plus, you can upload your own photo's for that personalised touch too. The offerings are absolutely endless... 


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