Monday, 21 November 2016

10 top GYM-avoidance techniques (explained in gifs)

'OMG, I haven't got a hair band!' or 'er, it's Monday?' Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so. Need this 'After This We're Getting Pizza Water Bottle,' £19.99, from Getting Personal? Yeah, me too. 

#1 The 'we'll go for a walk instead' line...

6pm 'I'm not feeling it. We'll go for a walk instead.' 
9pm *Still sitting on the couch*

#2 'OMG, I forgot my hair band. I can't go.' 

#3 'It's MONDAY.' 

#4 'I'll go tomorrow' 

(Yeah you will)

#5 'I'll go on Thursday...'

#6 'Or....maybe even Saturday morning.' 

#7 'I forgot my gym kit..!' 

#8 'NO' 
Just NO. 


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