Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Ready, Seta, LORD & BERRY!

The Seta Eyeshadow collection from Lord & Berry is one you must try immediately…

The make-up atelier from Milan has not only brought an eye shadow line that offers 100 shades to the floor, but this highly-pigmented pressed eye shadow is buildable, soft and lasts. 

Want to know more? I thought so....

I can't abide it when I've been wearing an eye shadow and by 10am the same morning the colour has already evaporated and gathered in the creases of my eye lid. More often than not it's somehow also found it's way up to my eyebrows (don't ask me how). 

These little beauties however work a little harder. The build-able texture is extremely blend-able and stays put for longer (due to the brand's micronized raw materials). #hurrah 

I also love how when you head over to the website and search for their Seta collection, the brand provides some amazing advice and directions on how to apply this eye shadow, as well as suggesting key products that they will work well with. 

Lord & Berry? You've nailed it. 

For more information on Lord & Berry click here


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