Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Confessions of a paper bag addict

There's just something about a luxury paper bag. I realise that sounds rather BONKERS (okay, a lot BONKERS) but there is. Often (and my Husband is repeatedly witness to this) I genuinely get more excited over the branded luxury paper bag than the actual thing I've bought... 

Take for instance the other day, we were shopping in our local Fenwick and I needed to purchase the updated version of my Mulberry pocket diary page inserts for 2017. It was a teeny tiny item, but happily the store still provided me with a gorgeous small paper Mulberry bag for me to take it away in (now that I'm writing this down on actually (digital) paper it is starting to sound weird, even to me). 

You see! A primary example of my love for the nifty luxury paper bag. Throw me a Chanel or YSL version and I'm literally uncontrollable

Delightfully, ever since the 5p plastic bag levy came into play in 2015 this obsession has really come in handy (although my Husband did nearly erupt when he discovered how many paper bags I actually have stashed away when we moved) but look how handy they are *literally high-five-ing myself right now* and totally reusable! 

So heads up brands! I can confirm that there is a certain power that comes with a really beautifully created branded luxury paper bag. Now that we're helping the environment by cutting down on plastic bags, I'm totally making use of the Chanel, YSL, Topshop and Zara paper bags that I've hoarded forever and ever.

I've always loved those shots in the movies or on the front cover of a novel where there's a girl out shopping carrying hoards of gorgeous white branded paper bags! And, now I can totally recreate this, you'll just have to realise that yes, there is probably only toilet roll, an onion, some milk and a couple of packets of salad really in there… 

4imprint has recently pulled some stats together on how the 5p levy has affected our shopping bag habits, and it turns out that branded carrier bags can totally affect the way we feel! Check out the infographic below…

So, cheers to helping the environment and looking glamorous while you do it! Get reusing those paper carrier bags!


Infographic is sourced from 4imprint


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