Saturday, 29 October 2016

10 morning routine goals (explained in gifs)

Today's list is dedicated to my morning routine #goals. From rising out of the covers elegant to not stepping out of the door with a pair of knickers stuck to my bottom, THESE are the goals I'm aiming for...

#1 To rise from slumber elegantly, like this: 

IRL I rise from slumber like this:

#2 To experience a night of unbroken sleep. Rather than waking up at 4am busting for the toilet and then lying there ignoring it until 5am before giving up, running for the loo and then tripping over the mountain of cat toys that blocks the bathroom door...

#3 To be able to contemplate speech before coffee…

#4 To effortlessly choose an outfit for the day ahead. IRL I have a tantrum and just stand in the middle of the room staring at my wardrobe SILENTLY while my husband stares at me warily… 

#5 To approach Mondays like this:

Rather than THIS:

#6 To be organised enough to have made a pre-packed lunch the night before. When in reality I'm like….

#7 To not feel the urge to gesture wildly at inexplicable driving by other drivers on the way to work…

#8 To arrive at work like this:

#9 To, for ONCE IN MY LIFE, remember to Google the thing I heard Nick Grimshaw mention on the Radio 1 morning show after getting out of my car (getting out of the car is like a memory wipe)… 

#10 To serenely approach my morning emails like this:

Rather than like THIS:


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