Wednesday, 17 August 2016

'Gotta Style 'Em All' | STYLIGHT

Okay, so I haven't quite got into the whole Pokémon Go thing (read: haven't even downloaded the app)...

I may have had an obsession with Pikachu back in the 90s (I bought a Pikachu plastic drinks container from a theme park that I coveted for an weirdly long time), but really this was only because Pikachu was one of the most adorable Pokémon. 

However, what I can TOTALLY get on board with is STYLIGHT's stylish spin on the game where the brand has turned their favourite Pokémon pocket monsters into some of our most celebrated style icons #hurrah! 

How much do you love Karl Lagertales and Victoria Mewkham? 

Click here to discover more about Stylight's Fashémon! 

All images are sourced from STYLIGHT 


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