Thursday, 7 July 2016


So, after moving house this Monday, I can officially confirm that said moving can be pretty much summed up by the below...

Not only is it 100% stressful (and I have bruises where you most definitely shouldn't ever get bruises) but it involves a LOT of lifting (something which isn't my, ahem, strong point). Anywho, one good thing is, we're literally in and now the good stuff can begin: i.e. the decoration and design (and planning and hours spent envisioning with wine etc. etc.) my new BLOGGING SPACE. 

Oh yes, it's happening (it's HAPPENING HUSBAND!). I'm looking to wallpaper the smallest of our three bedrooms and turn it into a work-space-come-shoot-space. And, one of the best places to start for wallpaper with STYLE? Murals Wallpaper. Take a peek at the SERIOUSLY cool options (and these are literally only a tiny amount of what they offer wallpaper-wise on the site) that I'm currently lusting over below...

For more information on Murals Wallpaper click here

SHOP ABOVE: California Palms Wall Mural

SHOP: City Wall Mural 

SHOP: Clean White Brick Wall Mural

SHOP: Thai Shore Wall Mural

SHOP: White Slats Wall Mural

SHOP: Ocean Crevice Wall Mural 

All images are sourced from Murals Wallpaper 

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