Tuesday, 7 June 2016


I've ALWAYS wanted a pair of luxe white headphones (to do the below with #obvs) So, when Molami's Plica BEAUTS arrived, I was all over them… 

With Molami's premium headphones it's all about the SOUND. And, for me, it's also about the fact that I don't look like a complete idiot with big headphones on. Something, that, when it comes to big hair - can be a little irksome (cue vision of triangular hair with odd peaks and troughs of curls due to the headband shape). 

Not only are their PLICA headphones pretty swish (they're available in black and white) but they're comfy. There's no annoyance which comes with the inner-ear headphones (picture me: running like a maniac on the treadmill, sweat pouring off every limb, fighting with the headphones wire and the blooming things popping out of my ears at every available moment…). Yes, you're right. It's quite the sight. 

They EXUDE style too. Yes, they're sartorially aesthetically pleasing on the eye (and the ear)…

Click here to learn more about MOLAMI. 


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