Friday, 3 June 2016


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Alright. So, when it comes to the whole BEAUTY REGIME thing, I'll admit, I'm not the best...

Like for instance, last weekend - I did that thing where you think you've packed appropriately for your weekend break away - when really you've panic-packed and brought a whole lot of separates that don't go with each other. Sound familiar?

But, anyway PACKING is a completely different failure of mine, so let's talk about that later... 

This time round, I'd packed for blustery Britain, and instead it was like Ibiza in Bath *HURRAH*. So, as you do. I went into Banana Republic, bought a climate-appropriate ensemble and changed into it there and then. The one thing I'd forgotten to do, however, is shave my legs...#MajorFAIL people. MAJOR FAIL ALERT. In fact my Husband asked if it felt nice to feel the breeze between my hair(s)....*cue unimpressed face*

I'm just not ORGANISED when it comes to the beauty side of things. So here's 5 BEAUTY PROMISES I'm making to myself...

#1 Be more organised - separate lipsticks from eyeliner, face wipes from razors...the WORKS. Then I'm more likely NOT to pull this face when I see my beauty drawer:

#2 Remember to shave on a regular basis like a normal human being...

#3 Clean beauty EVER. 

#4 Always be never know when you might have to change outfits in Banana Republic...

#5 Stop buying specific beauty products just because they'll look on-point on a #flatlay. Yes this has happened. 


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