Wednesday, 4 May 2016


I met and interviewed the inspiring designer Matthew Williamson last week at the Ritz. To say I was giddy is perhaps an understatement (I had to tell my inner fan girl to calm the hell down)... 

And, I instantly liked him. I liked how softly spoken he was, that he asked me to help him pop a safety pin through his cuff (because a button had fallen off...and yes, all the while I was thinking 'don't stab Matthew Williamson with the safety pin, don't stab Matthew Williamson with the safety pin'), that he laughed at our story of how three men had pretended to be part of his PR (or something) in one of the Ritz's bars earlier on and how we'd fallen for it (for all of three seconds)… 

I like how he referred to peonies (which also scattered the plush pink and gold room in vases) as inspiration, that he clearly thought about each of our questions before answering. 

His new collection for Debenhams is DELECTABLE (and the price points even more so). There's a lot of SEQUINS, embellishment and embroidery - perfect for cranking up the GLAMOUR dial on our #SS16 wardrobes. And, it's definitely his: that signature Williamson style and fabulousness runs throughout every piece - every thread, every colour palette. 

And, the man himself is every bit as fabulous as I hoped he would be… 

Read the interview here

His new occasions collection for Debenhams launches on the 15th May 2016.


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