Monday, 9 May 2016

Let's RELAX now, ya?

When it comes to R E L A X I N G and turning off, I find it pretty hard sometimes (especially the 'turning off' bit)...
If you're nodding to this (sweat pouring off your forehead/eye-twitching) then panic NOT. I have found the perfect remedy. In a nutshell - it's THIS situation:

Hot bubbly bath? Check. 
Wine? Check. 
Silence. Check. 
And swap the newspaper for the latest issue of VOGUE, and you're laughing (like, normal laughing, not hysterically)

To make your life even easier, why not log on to and merrily treat yourself to a VOGUE subscription? Not only does this mean your favourite glossy will land slap-BANG on your doorstep (and you'll SAVE quite a bit of dosh #hurrah!) but it'll mean that the above situation can happen a lot quicker - and that's what we all DREAM about... 

  HIGH FIVE *slap*

Click here to discover more.

P.s. If you haven't checked out the latest issue of VOGUE yet, then GET TO IT - snaps of it below! 


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