Tuesday, 10 May 2016

HP LOUNGE | Aluna George & Jack Garratt

A few nights ago, I got myself to London and attended HP's HP Lounge Reinvent Obsession event with Jack Garratt and Aluna George at One Embankment, and BOY, was it good...

With the cocktails and canapes flowing, not only was Jack Garratt and Aluna George pretty darn spectacular (Aluna George was working one hell of a bomber jacket) but HP's new Spectre notebook - the thinnest laptop in the world (that's right, people) - made quite the debut too. If you're thinking of buying a new laptop this 2016, I think it's definitely worth considering. Not only is it effortlessly transportable (perfect for the commute) due to it's thinness and sleek design, but it doesn't compromise on power and  comes in a gorgeous - highly instagram-able - metallic rose gold effect #lush. Launching this June 2016, it's a total no-brainer on the tech-front...

I was also introduced to HP's hybrid laptop which, with it's 360 hinge transition means you can turn your laptop into a tablet in the blink of an eye. 

So, that's it then. I want them both. And, I sus-Spectre (sorry) that's not extravagant, it's just good sense! I spend near 99% of my day/live working on a laptop, so basically it's a must. 

P.s They both also debut the new HP logo, which is super sleek and contemporary. For more information and to shop HP click here

All images (except the No.3,4,5,7 & 8) are sourced from HP.


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