Thursday, 19 May 2016

5 #bloggerproblems SOLVED (in gifs)

PROBLEM: The occasional embarrassment you encounter when shooting style posts in the street (may include: eye-rolling, laughter, odd looks). A non-blogger might suggest finding a quieter street, but we know that's not an option. You have carefully sourced this location and the marble paving stones match your jewellery...

SOLUTION: Take your glasses off. SERIOUSLY. I actually did this recently (instead of wearing my contacts) and turns out - you can't even SEE said eye-rolling or enquiring expressions! *cackles hysterically to self*. If you're not short-sighted BRAVE THROUGH IT and focus on the end result (i.e. a spectacular street-style shot). 

PROBLEM: When you're Instagram-husband is too busy to take your photos…
SOLUTION: You have three options. 1. Get creative - buy a camera stand set-up and take photos yourself with a remote/timer. 2. Ask someone else. 3. Cry into your cereal. 

SOLUTION: RUN (until you find WI-FI).

PROBLEM: When people don't GET the whole blogging thing…'You just stick pictures up of yourself wearing different outfits…EASY.' 

SOLUTION: Withhold all urges to punch said person in the face, and perfect your *eye-brow slightly raised-you've got no idea* expression...

PROBLEM: Morning outfit panic. You can't decide what to wear (even though you are literally DROWNING IN CLOTHING and your cat has build an entire FORT out of your thousand+ shoe collection). 

SOLUTION: 'Dude? Just chill out, ya? And scroll through your Instagram' (it's literally a stream of outfit suggestions made by you, for you that you have personally compiled unknowingly for yourself.



  1. Ha ha I can relate to all of this ! You think you got problems? I'm always having to explain why I want to blog about fashion at 53 x

  2. Hahah! I loved this comment Vanity and me! xx will definitely check out your blog :)


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