Friday, 6 May 2016


Another part of my life, explained in GIFS (obvs)...insert: crying with laughter emoji here. 

#1 You don't understand how people with size 3 feet don't fall over (HOW? how?)...

#2 When the Husband refers to your feet as 'canoes'... 

#3 You become very aware, from a young age, of how your feet look (there's no 'does my bum look big in this? It's more: 'do my feet look big in these?'). 

#4 When the Husband points you in the direction of the men's shoe section (apparently, this is still funny). 

#5 However, your size is always in the SALE! Hurrah! 'Oh?! They don't have it in a size 6? What a shame...*smugly grabs all shoes in size 8*).

#6 Pointed shoes are difficult territory. The Husband's face when he see's your feet in them...

#7 You love the way your feet look in heels...

#8 When a store says they don't go up to size 9 (I once hit a 9). 

#9 That moment (this often happens) when they don't have your size in a pair of shoes you LOVE and you try and squeeze into a 6/7 (it feels like the whole Cinderella scenario). 

#10 When the Husband tells you you look like a capital 'L' (again, this is apparently still funny). 


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