Friday, 29 April 2016

Tea & Tequila Trading

One of the things I love about working in fashion, is that FEELING you get when you discover a new brand that you just LOVE. It's like nothing else. In fact, most of the time, I completely lose all sense of financial control during such discoveries and all I can think is: 'I must buy all of this immediately, even if it does mean I'll be eating cereal for the rest of my days'...

And, yes, on the discovery of Tea & Tequila Trading (a trading company set up by Sarah Goodwin and Millie Wilson to bring the best of Mexico to the UK) The Husband instantly recognised the glint in my eye and immediately hid my bank cards (I've got NO idea why of course, I'm perfectly capable of controlling my spending urges #noimclearlynot).

Get ready to embrace the brand's haul of vibrant, mood-lifting accessories, clutch bags, homeware, drinks and more...I've specifically got my eye on THAT flamingo clutch bag! #YOLO no? 

Click here to discover more from Tea & Tequila Trading. 

All images are sourced from Tea & Tequila Trading  

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