Friday, 22 April 2016


#TGIF guys! Happy FRIDAY! Saturday is finally nearly here *checks watch* just, ya know, another 4 hours to go before it's OFFICIALLY the WEEKEND! I wanted to write a different kind of post today, one that speaks directly to YOU (Yes, you the reader!). I feel like I want to get to know you a bit more and find out what you like reading and looking at on THE FASHION ACHE! 

So, tell me (in the comment box below) maybe what your favourite posts are! Or what you log on to find and check out (be it the weekly wish list, or one of my ridiculous list posts like this!). But, also feel free to tell me what you'd like to see more of! Or know more about! 

P.s. And don't forget to pop your blog link in below as well! As I love checking out YOUR blogs too! 

Have an amazing weekend! x 



  1. Hi Sarah I came across your blog a few weeks ago and now check in every few days. I would love to read more about you and your life but I do appreciate that's a tough one! I have been considering starting my own blog but I'm quite shy of social media and all my favourite bloggers that I follow tend to write/share a lot about themselves. I suppose it's finding the right balance, just giving a few little snippets and not divulging everything about yourself and life. I'm just really nosy and live to know more about the blogger. You have a great blog and you clearly work very hard on it x x x

  2. Hey Kerrie!
    Thanks so much for leaving me a comment! It's so lovely to hear that you like reading the blog and come back to it every few days :) and I will definitely try to include more posts that delve a little deeper into my life! (thank you for this feedback!)

    You should definitely start a blog! Just start posting on what comes naturally to you - find the right balance for you, because everyone is different! If you're quite shy of social media, just post what you feel really comfortable with :)

    If you do set up a blog - then definitely send me the link, as I'd love to see it!

    Sarah xx


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