Wednesday, 10 February 2016

10 Valentine's Day cards that won't make you barf

 #1'We Go Together Like Kanya and Kanya' Greeting Card, £5.59, Diamond Donatello at Etsy (shop)

If you're like me and want to avoid the soppy stuff this Valentine's, here's my edit of the top 10 cards you should buy for your other half...

#2 'You're grate' Valentine's Day card, £2.50, Paperchase (shop)

#3 'I'm checking you out' Valentine's Day card, £2.50, Paperchase (shop)

#4 Aesthetically Pleasing Valentine's Day card, £2.45, Fable and Black at Etsy (shop)

#5 French Bulldog Valentine's day card, £3, All Her Glory at Etsy (shop)

#6 Love Art Print, Love Collection, from £10, Celebratink at Etsy (shop

#7 Pink Love Birds card, £3, Kay Barker (shop

#8 'You'll Do' Valentine's Day card, £3, Kay Barker (shop)

#9 Coffee Hipster Love greeting card, £3, Kay Barker (shop)

#10 'You're My Favourite Husband', £3.50, Emmas Expressions 4 at Etsy (shop


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