Wednesday, 24 February 2016

10 ridiculous things I sleeptalk about, dream & do before the land of nod

So my husband came to bed two nights ago to find me totally asleep, but apparently, very ready to talk – specifically? About mincemeat.
My name is Sarah and I'm a sleep-talker, and this week's list is dedicated to the ridiculous things I dream, sleep-talk about and do in (and out) of the land of nod...

#1 So, the mincemeat conversation. It went a little like this (apparently):
Me: 'Mincemeat enjoyments'
Husband: 'WHAT?!' (he's taken to talking back to me to see where it leads)
Me: 'Mincemeat dancing...'
Husband: *laughs* 'You a pie?'
Me: 'Yes, in a pie. All happy.'



#2 That terrifying feeling when you wake up in the night – having slept funny – and both of your arms are numb and fizzy and you can't move. Like, at all.

#3 The just-fallen-asleep-dream where in your head you walk into a road sign and then fall off a cliff...and when you wake up it feels like you've hit the bed at breakneck speed.

#4 The belief that if your entire body (particular FEET) are not completely covered by the duvet then the monsters/or something will get you. And, yes, I am 27 years of age.

5 When your husband yawns in his sleep (but with his arms too) and he elbows you straight in the eye/or your head ends up in his arm pit.

#6 The time early in the morning when Pixie (the cat) decides it's time for you to get up so punches you in the face.

#7 The weird place you enter when you either have too much cover, or not enough cover. #coverproblems

#8 When you fall asleep planning tomorrow's outfit, but wake up and can't remember what you planned.

#9 The very definite feeling you get when the alarm goes off – and you're 100% sure it's someone else's alarm...




#10 And finally, THAT moment of celebration when you get under the cover first...


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