Tuesday, 12 January 2016


#1 For heavens sake just eat a doughnut.

#2 By watching the Leonardo DiCaprio eye-roll/side-eye/eyebrow-raise from the Golden Globes 2016...*coming throughhhh!!!!* 

#3 By buying either of the below. What? Everyone needs an Inflatable Flamingo Drinks Holder, £15 from Oliver Bonas (arriving March). It's a FLAMINGO. And, it means you can drink mojitos while you float. In regards to the other two? Melon diaries are so in (this Watermelon Journal's from Mira Mira, £9.08), and it's time to throw some shapes to the music that comes out of these amazing KSL LIVING Amplificateur de son aulos, from £166, from KSL LIVING, regardless of whether said moves are bad, really bad, or just down-right terrible. 

#4 Do a little bit (OR LIKE LOADS) of shopping, AND stop for champagne. But don't do shopping tipsy...as (trust me) this can go very wrong: 'OMG OMG SHOES!!! in the sale? in a size 3? (I'm a size 7 and a half)...YES! yes! I'll HAVE them!'. And, for the good of your wardrobe, maybe try and sell some of your old stuff on ebay or Depop? Just so, you know, you don't DROWN in clothes...#justsaying 

...and do it with FRIENDS...(actual friends, not imaginary Minions) 

#5 Book a holiday so you can wear this (White one-piece, New Look #SS16), and top up the old tan (or in my case, try and create something resembling a tan). If you can't afford it yet (again, like me) don the bikini in your living room and turn up the heating. Needs must. 

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