Thursday, 28 January 2016


Workout vest, £5, leggings, £6 and crop top, £3.50, all Primark 

#1 Get stuck on the machines
Seriously, this happens, like, all the time. I'm just not built to operate heavy machinery. And, it always seems to happen with the most embarrasing machines (last Tuesday it was the inner/outer thigh know the one, where it looks like those stirrups you have to get into at the Doctors for tests).

#2 Race my fellow gym neighbours without them knowing (#obvs)
If he/she moves up a do I - or one more just for good measure. Starts sprinting? I'm right there, knees-up, fists pumping, a look of ridiculous determination on my sweat-soaked face.

#3 Get really irriated with the iPhone headphones' wire when I'm running
Noone else seems to experience this problem (or noone else in my gym anyway). For me it's always RIGHT THERE and I end up getting my fingers tangled in it and falling off the machine.

#4 Dancing to Big Bad Wolf by Duck Sauce
I can't tell you why exactly this is my current choice of running material, but, hey, it get's me moving (I TOTALLY LOVE THIS SONG)...and this is what I look like when I'm doing it (in my head). 

When really, I probably look more like this:

#5 Freaking out that my iPhone headphones aren't plugged in completely to my phone...
...resulting in the entire gym hearing that I'm working out to the Big Bad Wolf by Duck Sauce on repeat.

#6 Indulge in gym kit-envy

Workout vest, £5, leggings, £6 and crop top, £3.50, all Primark 

#7 Shake my locker about a ZILLION times like a mad woman to make sure it's locked
'Is it locked? I'm not sure *shakes locker*, yes it's locked. But, hang on, is it really locked? Like really locked? *Shakes locker*...arghhhhh'

#8 Not looking like I'm struggling...
...when I'm, like, DYING inside and just want to sit down and eat a Big Mac. 

#9 Going to the gym just so I can wear my new Missguided leggings...

#10 Participating in 'gym smugness'... Never.

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  1. LMAO I thought I was the only one who did #7. It's gotten to a point where I just leave my stuff in my car to not deal with that OCD.

  2. hahaha! Love that you love this! It drives me absolutely balmy! Maybe I should try just leaving my stuff in the car lol! x


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