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This week's THE INTERVIEW is with the Sara Hartley, the talented designer behind the delicate, dreamy jewellery pieces that are just perfect for layering and making your own. Get ready to fall in love with her latest Tinies Collection, her darling, beautifully created Hearts & Stars line and everything inbetween. If you're looking to create effortless, CHIC style this #AW15, it is Sara Hartley you need to turn to! Check out my Q&A with the lovely designer below to find out what inspires her, who'd she'd have as the face of her brand, and what she'd save if her jewellery wardrobe (jewel-drobe) was burning down! 

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So, where did it all begin? Did you always know you wanted to design your own jewellery brand? 
' I'm often asked this question and the first thing that springs to mind is the memory of making tiny little things as a small child. I created small chairs, plates of food, and beds for the minuscule dolls I had made. Then as a young schoolgirl I started making beaded jewellery and friendship bracelets. Most of my friends wanted some, so as the orders came in, it was time for an order book and some money up front! This was when I first felt the buzz of making and creating handmade pieces to order. I had a full book of orders, until the Head Mistress got wind of it, told me it was unethical to take money from my friends and shut down my playground business. This didn't stop me though; I started taking my jewellery for car boot sales with my parents, one sale I made more money than they did! Anyway, that’s how my love of making and the thrill of running my own business began!' 

Talk us through a typical 9-5 day for you?
'I don't really have a typical 9-5 as my hours are all over the place. The day starts as a mad rush to get the kids to school and to my studio in good time before I have to pick them up. Then I'll work weekends and evenings to make up the time.  It's a bit crazy, but worth the headache!' 

What AW15 trends and styles are on your radar at the moment? What are you loving? What are your most recent inspiration?
'Tartan? And snake skin.... Not together though. I'm a big fan of big knitted jumpers and I love a polo neck. I've spied some snakeskin boots in the high street, which I love. And the knee length boot is a must. Inspiration comes to me at strange times; I can be walking in the park or sitting in a cafe or even noticing a clock, which inspired something in me. I see things in jewellery, I might pick up a branch and bring it to my neck or a pebble as a pendant and something will come from that.' 

What brands are you currently loving
'Celine. Stella McCartney. Rag and bone. Isabel Marant. But, at the moment I'm renovating a house, so my fashion budget has gone on fridges and paint.' 

If you could choose a high street brand to collaborate with, which one would it be? 
'I'm a classic dresser by heart, and with my jewellery being fine and delicate, I love a simple neckline, clean shapes that allow the jewellery to really stand out. A high or very low neckline so you can layer my jewellery beautifully. COS as they have timeless pieces.' 

A designer brand and why?
'Chloe as I love the bags and the details and shapes.' 

If you could choose a face for your brand, who would it be?
'Alexa Chung. She's just got everything going for her, beautiful, stylish. Everything she wears looks like it's been made for her, she obviously has a fabulous eye and I think my jewellery is the perfect match for her.'

Where do you see your brand in five years?
'Going more down the precious route. Gold, platinum, diamonds. I love my Tinies Silver range' (CLICK HERE to discover it), 'but I would love to translate them into diamonds and gold. I wear mine everyday and to mix them up with my diamonds would be heaven.' 

What would be your advice to other budding designers? 
'Do what you're passionate about, waking up everyday to do a job you love doesn't seem like work.

We spend most of our time working, if being in a field picking fruit or in a workshop making a piano, sitting at a desk working out sums, do it. Being enthusiastic at work makes for an enjoyable life. Life's tough enough, do what inspires you.' 

Your jewellery wardrobe is burning down, and you have five seconds to decide what to save - what do you take?
'That's actually believe it or not, very simple. It's the diamonds!! I'm a sparkly girl; cliché I know but diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. Even though they'll not melt in the fire the beautiful setting I have put them in will!' 

A BIG thank you to Sara for answering my HAUL of questions! 

All images are sourced from Sara Hartley

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