Friday, 23 October 2015


NOW. I know what you're thinking. She's finally lost the PLOT and has forgotten that beauty is supposed to pop up in the BEAUTY BUZZ tab. I know, I know...but with the arrival of Cosmopolitan's DEBUT Signature scent on my desk, there was NO WAY this wasn't going to make FRONT PAGE (or front digital-page) NEWS on THE FASHION ACHE. And, not only that, but there's some KEY Topshop #AW15 new beauty drops thrown in that I'll also be discussing (there'll be more to come on that over the weekend too so keep your peepers peeled, and your ears to the ground). But FIRST. THAT Cosmpolitan fragrance. It's BIG, it's BEAUTIFUL and it's the perfect clash of ORANGE and PINK for showcasing on your already-swamped dressing table... 

KEEP READING and see what I thought when I wore the scent...

When it comes to perfume, I'm a bit of a MAGPIE. I have this thing where I can't just carefully spritz myself with the scent a couple of times on the neck and wrist, I actually physically DRENCH myself in it. Seriously, if I could bathe in it, I would. Luckily, with Cosmopolitan's new debut fragrance you don't need to do this. It has excellent staying power for even the most smell-challenged individuals. Spritzing (read DOUSING) myself in the beauty yesterday I loved the experience of the juicy kick it gives you when you first put it on (which is probably the Pimento berries which provide that chic burst of spice to it's body). It's really FRESH and JUICY - delicious for this time of year as the weather cools and you needs something to help wake you up on those dark mornings. I also loved how after wearing it throughout the day it softened, and one of my favourite notes (vanilla) really emerged as well as the base notes of tonka and patchouli. To summarise? It's a really delicious, JUICY scent, one that you're definitely want to purchase for the new season! 

Farrah Storr, Editor of Cosmopolitan said: "Cosmopolitan's new fragrance shows yet again how our brand reaches young women in exciting and stylish new ways." And it DOES. The perfume exudes CONFIDENCE, and with this little beauty in your H&M tote, and the magazine's latest issue, you'll be all set to take on the new season!

It's available EXCLUSIVELY at Boots from 7th September 2015
Cosmopolitan EDP 100ml, £38

Matte Lip Bullet in 'Duvet Day', £8, Topshop (click HERE to shop it)
Smoke Stick in 'Treasure Rocks', £6.50, Topshop (click HERE to shop it)  
Intense Pigment Gel Liner, £8, Topshop (click HERE to shop similar)

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