Monday, 12 October 2015


MY WEEKEND DISCOVERY this week was a BIG one. Now picture the scene: you want to wear some tights under your new Zara faux croc mini (the DREAM) but have to hoist the BEASTS right up to underneath your chest to secure their sheer effect for your look. Not to mention that it was in fact the FIFTH pair you tried on that morning, due to discovering that every pair you own have a ladder the size of Everest somewhere on them (be always sure to check the back view – the little tinkers hide secretively in the inner most hard-to-find-places). WHAT will solve this TIGHTMARE you ask? One brand will: HEIST. The EXTRAORDINARY new hosery brand (designed in London, and made in Italy) was born to create, in their words 'an extraordinary new feeling in tights.' And I can confirm that they DO. Forget the secret HOIST behind the shoe rack in Debenhams, or the uncomfortable riggle behind the bus stop, these beauts flaunt a haul of reasons why they'll work better than any other tights you've tried. Their innovative WAISTBAND is made on a separate machine and hand-sewn on to each individual pair, contouring the body and keeping your tights in place (it's in a word: GENIUS). Note no seams – meaning you won't get peek-a-boo seams peeping out beneath your skirts or that scratching tickle they sometimes create (and make you want to rip off said tights). They're SERIOUS quality, we're talking Italian double yarn (5 x the spirals of what you'd find in regular tights), flaunt revolutionary details and available in two deniers (30 and 50 – with two waistband heights) making your choice SIMPLE. Starting at £19 (with free next day UK delivery and free delivery across Europe) and arriving on the 23rd October 2015, these will be a no-brainer of a buy for AW15. I'm SOLD!  

Keep your eye out for my next styled post which showcases HEIST!

Want to find out more about HEIST? Click HERE.  

All imagery is sourced from HEIST 

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