Tuesday, 20 October 2015

FASHION'S ICONIC MOVIE MOMENT with Carrie Bradshaw #FarFetch

I'll happily admit I've probably spent around a good 50% of my life watching my Sex and the City box set on repeat; to the point where none of my friends would play the Sex and the City board game with me because I'd floor them EVERY.SINGLE.TIME (that's right *mini fist pump*). And Carrie Bradshaw? Well she's one of THE KEY style movie icons that made it okay to use your oven for storage, not back-up your laptop and wear a belt around your bare waist. It was a total no brainer, therefore, to recreate her LOOK from 'What goes around comes around' (Season 3, Episode 17) in a 2015 way with FarFetch's FLAWLESS array of glorious pieces and designers... 

"It's...it's a baguette' is one of those classic one liners from Bradshaw; a fashion maven - however tight the situation - will always correct the wrong terminology if it's in reference to her Fendi Baguette (obvs). I remember falling in ASBOLUTE-THIGH-SMACKING-LOVE with her beautiful purple sequinned Fendi Bag in this episode, instantly adding it to my 'MUST-HAVE' mental wish list in my head. 


Carrie looked particularly effortless in this episode in a beautifully FLUID Christian Dior printed shirt dress (especially when bare foot and running through the streets of New York after her Manolo's were stolen). Recreate the look and feel of the dress with Lanvin's simple waterfall-hemmed number, or Rosetta Getty's asymmetric gown. Both available at FarFetch. Click on the links below to discover them and release your own inner Carrie Bradshaw! 


Potentially one of the most shoe-obsessed icons of all time (remember that moment when she was let loose in American VOGUE's fashion cupboard and forced her feet into those ICONIC Mary Janes?), Carrie's love of Manalo's and Jimmy Choo's is OFF-THE-CHARTS. The above strappy delights from Aquazzura and Valentino Garavani at FarFetch are divinely reminiscent of the beloved metallic burgundy Manolo's that were stolen from Carrie in this episode...and there's no doubt she would have worn both! 


After her shoes, Carrie's accessories always caught my eye. Not only did she make the 'Carrie' necklace something I had to get my hands on (with my own name of course...I wasn't that ridiculous) but she wore things in such a refreshing way that you instantly had to recreate it. A fan of fun gold hoops (particularly in this episode) and eclectic brooches, there was ALWAYS something new to gander at. Recreate her look with the above's GLORIOUS 2015 picks from FarFetch (links below).   


Carrie? You'll always be one of the ULTIMATE style icons from the movies in my eyes; you made it chic to wear a tutu with a slogan tee, and to address your 'cosmic balance' in Christian Dior. 
Over and out. 

All images are sourced from FarFetch
All quotes are sourced from Sex and the City 'What comes around goes around', Season 3, Episode 17. 

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