Wednesday, 7 October 2015

'50 Faces of Individual Style' Exhibition & ZARA MARTIN Q&A

This weekend just gone marked the portrait exhibition '50 Faces of Individual Style'; a public pop-up in London's Soho Square, featuring 50 real people and their own personal style. The exhibition noted the end of #LFW, celebrating and bringing our attention to the unique style and individuality of Londoners – our very own street style captured by a lens! And, that lens, owned by renowned fashion photographer, Brendan Freeman, effortlessly captured 50 faces (at a one-a-day portraiture pop-up photographic studio at Westfield London) each a member of the public scouted for the shoot. And, as you will see, each sitter was asked to chose a word (or words) that they thought sum up their own individual style featured in the shots. I absolutely adore this collaboration of words and images that is the result – it's like a split second insight into the fashion and personality of each of the individuals – something that I love about the whole concept of street style. 

Presenter and model, Zara Martin also made a cool appearance in one of the portraits (rocking some SERIOUS shearling and glossy sunglasses), and labelled herself as 'unpredictable.' Check out the Q&A with the model below...

What do you think London style is?
'Whatever floats your boat!'
What are your thoughts about this project?
'It's such an interesting way to showcase authentic style. Into it!'
What high street labels and high end designers are you into at the moment?
'I love/live in Topshop (wearing TopShop unique in the portrait, Lee Jeans & Prada glasses). Designer wise, Miu Miu, Prada, Moschino, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana... I could go on!'
How does your mood affect your style?
'It is completely dependent on it! My mood usually correlates to how much colour I'm wearing.'
What's your favourite piece if clothing ever?
'All Saints biker jacket. And my Bee Goddess sword necklace.'
What's your favourite thing to wear to Dj?
'My faithful Gucci Platforms. They are super sparkly and comfortable - and are literally my dancing shoes.'
What’s your signature style?
'Hair and heels.'

The craziest thing you’ve ever worn?
;BUTT PADS. I went to a party dressed as Beyonce.'

If your style was a song, what would it be? Why?
'Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix LOL. It’s a favourite.'
Do you have a style secret?'Start with the shoes, and work your way up.' 

All images and questions/answers are sourced from Portas Agency

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