Monday, 26 October 2015


1. GOING IN TO SHOPS. Because, whatever kind of store it is, I'll find something to buy. Paperchase, Zara, Topshop...Pets at Home...Homebase. Seriously, help me. 

2. BROWSING ASOS. Because it's never just browsing is it. Please refer to point No.1. Before you know it you'll have an overflowing basket, be sweating a bucket and won't be able to choose between a blush pink faux fur clutch and ice cream novelty clutch before the time on your basket runs out. 

3.BUYING THINGS WHEN I SHOULDN'T. Often caused by points No.1 and No.2. Resulting in 'SHOPPING GUILT'; which is difficult to dislodge until said purchase arrives and you remember how wonderful it is and how it will change your wardrobe *until the next purchase*. 

4. TANNING AND NOT EXFOLIATING MY KNEES & ELBOWS. Resulting in dark knees...and elbows. Sooo....not natural. 

5. NOT PLANNING MY OUTFIT THE NIGHT BEFORE. One of the key causes of badly-put-together outfits. Corduroy turtlenecks with patent pastel. Bad underwear choices. Beige leather mixed with pleather pants and wicker-sandals. Heaven's forbid. 

6. OUTFIT-ANXIETY. Often caused by point No.5. Symptoms include sweating, increased heart-rate, panic and dodgy fashion choices. 

7. GOING TO BED LATE. Because no matter how awake I feel (often blogging into the night), the alarm can NEVER go off late enough in the morning. Note: I never learn from this (Want an example? I'm currently ignoring this point as I write this). 

8. LAUGHING LIKE AN IDIOT IN MY CAR BY MYSELF. (a) Because it looks weird. (b) Because no one else knows you'll listening to Nick Grimshaw and laughing hysterically at his FABULOUS use of vocabulary. 

9. WEARING NEW SHOES INTO LONDON ON PRESS TRIPS. Yes, they look amazing for the first three hours, but after pounding the pavements they won't look so chic with blisters, a funny walk and you crying into your latte. 

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