Tuesday, 13 October 2015


 1. I constantly post intriguing and insightful posts, such as selfies including blonde Elvis-style quiffs with adorning metallic foils in the hairdressing chair, MANY coffee-related posts (to reference small coffee-addiction) and the occasional cat selfie of Pixie, my extremely naughty (but adorable) kitten. #selfie #cat #coffee

2. I have this THING with quotes that make me, you and probably the woman peering over your shoulder at your phone: LAUGH. #laugh #quoteoftheday #qotd 

3. It's like carrying THE FASHION ACHE in your pocket. Not only will you get a sneak peek at what brand I'm currently coveting, but you'll also get to see what's new on the blog, that time I posed in a giant spoon in Florence, my latest #OOTDs and the number of Krispy Kreme's I consumed (which had no calories in them whatsoever...okay I lied, they probably had more calories in them that I could ever even count). Cue *GUILTY FACE* and impromptu trip to the GYM. #LOVE #TheFashionAcheGoesToItaly #OOTD
 4. There's some SERIOUSLY cool competitions on my Instagram: to give something back to you guys! The people who read my blog! Keep those peepers peeled and get entering! The latest? Win two tickets to the Clothes Show 2015! #WIN #Competition 

5. I'll always bring you an INFLUX OF COLOUR, style, HIGH-VOLTAGE fashion, beauty and news. ALWAYS. That's a promise people. #fashion #fashionblogger #fblogger #inspo

6. Discover what's inspiring me. Current obsession? My #DeskGoals Pinterest board which I keep referring to on Instagram. Don't judge me....they're AMAZING. Never have I felt such a yearning for furniture/stationary (okay, that's another lie. I have a weird love for stationary that the Husband doesn't understand. I just go WILD in Paperchase). #DeskGoals #inspo #stationary 

 7. BEAUTY crushes: PERFUMES, lip glosses, skin care, moisturising sticks, eyeshadow creams, nail lacquer...you name it. I'M ON IT. #nails #beauty #bblogger

8. I like doors. Please note the pink door shot below, and the time I went to Italy and maybe got a bit carried away with the pictures of the amazing doors in Florence. #doors #TheFashionAcheGoesToItaly #pink

9. My WEEKLY wish list's are debuted on Instagram to let you guys know it's THAT time of the week, and THAT time to go and hide your credit cards again. #TheFashionAcheWISHLIST #fashion #list 

10. It's updated everyday. With the WEIRD, the wonderful and the everything inbetween. Key times to check in? Early morning, midday and evening. #fashion #fblogger 
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