Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Farfetch's latest title, Curates Design is definitely a read for the fashion-hearted. It's focus? As Johanna Agerman Ross (Editor in Chief of Disegno) describes - 'the interior achitecture' that 'embodies the identity of a boutique or brand and serves as a platform for the items it retails.' Discussing the link between fashion and design, Curates Design effortessly showcases how these two FABULOUS mediums work so effortlessly with each other in the fashion industry – and how each mutually benefits the other. Pick up the book and learn about five FarFetch Boutique owner's most beloved chairs (note: they come in all shapes and sizes); the secret changing rooms and showstopping asethetic of the Cahier D'Exercices boutique in Montreal, Canada; the dynamic, warming vibes of the Berlin-based Voo Store's Creative Director and buyer, Herbert Hofmann's Kreuzberg apartment, and much, much more. Curates Design offers a design world to step into and explore, from all corners of the world. And, for the jet-setters among us, one of my favourite chapters is devoted to 'Hotel Hotspots.' What can I say? It's the perfect read to dip in and out of and sit beautifully on your coffee table. 

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All quotes are sourced from Curates Design by FarFetch 


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