Sunday, 27 September 2015

It's time to BELT UP #ElliotRhodes

I'll admit, I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to accessories. I'm that girl who stops in her tracks in the high street and presses her hands and face up against a window pane to stare hungrily in at the latest pair of bejeweled peep-toes (...and leave a bit of a foundation mark as I pull myself away). So, when I was invited to belt and buckle connoisseur's, Elliot Rhodes Bond Street store...I literally dropped everything and hopped on a train. 

On entering the store I was bowed over by the cool interior and the pure volume of different belts and buckles on display - in every colour and size imaginable. All of the brand's belts are exclusively made in Italy and Spain by skilled craftsmen using traditional, old-school belt-making techniques and skills. The buckles (that glistened and picked up the light in-store) are designed in-house and sourced globally from an array of skilled makers from Italy, France, the UK and USA, and come in every form and material you can think of; including gold, sterling silver, stainless steel and various other semi-precious beauties. 

What I loved about the store, and the service that Elliot Rhodes provides, is the individuality of it, and how every detail (including the belt size and belt holes) are tailored to you. Not only do you get to choose your own idea of a DREAM belt (almost like designing your own) from the belt material and feel, to the buckle, but the brand measure the belt against you and punch in bespoke holes for where you'd wear your belt the lowest, and highest! I know that there's been many times when I've bought a belt and had to try and punch my own holes in if it didn't quite fit appropriately (which usually resulted in some form of fashion-related belt injury and a badly punched hole in said belt). And, if this isn't enough, the label does also provide a completely bespoke service, where a belt can be created from scratch, working with Elliot Rhodes in-house silversmith and design team. 

You'll also love the story behind the brand. How, in 2004, when the founder, Justin Elliot Rhodes opened his first store, and they said that he was crazy - that it would never work. But it did, and with it's success came 'Best new retailer of the year'. And with it, we're totally rethinking the concept of the belt, and what it can bring to our wardrobes and our personal style. 

Want to experience the service and discover your own? Head to one of their three London stores: their home in Covent Garden, Chelsea and St. Christopher Place, or CLICK HERE to find it ONLINE. Keep your eyes also peeled for my up-coming style post which will feature one of their fabulous designs. 

A HUGE thank you to Elliot Rhodes and to Vlatko for showing me around! 

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