Tuesday, 8 September 2015


I love a good read, especially a FASHION one. It's the perfect opportunity to slip away into another world for a few minutes and forget whatever's currently troubling you (e.g. the red wine stain you left on the cream carpet after tripping over the cat/the fact you may have just reversed parked your car haphazardly into a rather slick-looking (and expensive) 4x4)....So, in HONOUR of THE SCHEDULE, this TUESDAY's list is dedicated to my top current 7 reads that I know you'll just #LOVE...

techbitch by Lucy Sykes & Jo Piazza (find it HERE)
This is PERFECT for those of us obsessed with the magazine industry; it's funny, insightful and the ideal read for every girl's inner-fashion magpie. It also looks at the relationship between the editorial world and the ever-growing digital world. 

Christian Lacroix and the Tale of Sleeping Beauty: A Fashion Fairy Tale Memoir by Camilla Morton (Author) and Christian Lacroix (Illustrator) (find it HERE
I adore this book; a twist on the traditional fairytale, discover enchanting style and a magical tale with all of Christian Lacroix's fabulousness thrown in! 

CHANEL: An Intimate Life by Lisa Chaney (find it HERE
Discover the life of COCO CHANEL. 

Bride without a Groom by Amy Lynch (find it HERE)  
Want a HILARIOUS, potentially-pants-wetting read? This is your book. The protagonist Rebecca is HEART-STOPPINGLY ridiculous, but you can't help but adore her! It's actually one of my favourite fun reads this summer. 

I followed the rules by Joanna Bolouri (find it HERE
Cat Buchanan is a journalist testing out some dating rules....set in Glasgow, you're in for a hilarious read, packed full of funny anecdotes and jaw-dropping moments!  

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger (find it HERE
Fancy a high-voltage fashion read? Follow Andrea has she steps foot into the world of Miranda Priestly, Editor in Chief of Runway, and has to cater to her every need...

GRACE: A memoir by Grace Coddington (find it HERE
If I was only allowed one book in my bookcase, or on my coffee table - this would be it. Discover and fall in love with American Vogue's Creative Director, Grace Coddington, and follow her footsteps from buying Vogue as a young girl to bringing the most outstanding fashion shoots to life in the pages of one of the world's most influential fashion magazines...

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