Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Their tag line is 'Colour the world' and is the ideal app for vamping up and producing HIGH-VOLTAGE images. My favourite thing about this App is the Overlays; especially, the Bokeh Overlays and the Light Leaks. They add a glamorous haze to your picture, and turn it into something with more of a dreamy nature...

Tweak away with the Afterlight app and explore its fun features. It offers light leaks, tools to tinker your images with and filters, but my favourite thing is the shaping tool. You can easily turn fabulous photos into lettering, cool silhouettes and script. 

TOTALLY in LOVE with InstaSize right now. Not only does it create a chic border for your Instagram snap, but it's FILTERS are super SWEET. I also can't get enough of the Borders tool and the collage. 

This is a new one for me. With our second bedroom quickly being swallowed by the MAMMOTH amount of clothing, accessories and shoes I own and continuously accumulate (and the HUSBAND shooting me raised eyebrow looks for weeks) I figured it's time to get on board with Depop and start selling! Lots of fashion bloggers and some celebrities are selling their clothing on here (think Dita Von Teese, Chiara Ferragni and The Blonde Salad), so this is clobber you'll definitely want to get your sartorial mitts on!  

I know, I've mentioned it already - but ONE cannot get enough of it! This newly-launched filter app for the iPhone allows all of us LOUBOUTIN-admirers the chance to add that longed-for designer Louboutin touch to our instagram snaps...*WIDE-EYED MANIC FACE*

This little BEAUT is a new one for me too, and I'm still in the honeymoon period - playing around with all it's different tools. It's a great to tinker with when it comes to your Instagram shots, and I adore the grafitti and urban artistic effects they got going on....

Find all Apps by searching for them in your App Store on the iPhone 

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