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STUFFED with fabulous emerging designers, accessories GALORE and a WORLD of inspiration, the DESIGNER SHOWROOMS at fashion week is where you want to be to discover the who's NEW and the WHAT NEXT...keep your eyes peeled for my post on who I think's going to be the next ROARING success in the industry...

Remember the BACKSTAGE SNAPS of Cara? The googly eyes? The fun? THE FROLICS? It's where we discovered the WONDERFUL personality of one of my all-time favourite models!  I LOVE scouring the backstage snaps from the shows; the BEHIND-THE-SCENES moments, the fun, the model's pulling funny faces, the hilarity and the BUZZ! It's these moments when the photographers capture all the action, friendships, fun - before the models HIT the runway and put on the show....

AND, as much as I love the BACKSTAGE SNAPS, I love seeing who's on the FROW. Is it David Beckham with Harper in tow? Is it KIMYE? Is it the HIGH-FASHION FROW seating Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Susie Bubble and Chung? Scour their outfits, watch their expressions (or try and guess what Anna's thinking behind her glossy sunglasses) and delight FOREVER in the concept of the FROW. 

THE DESIGNERS obviously go without saying. It's with baited breath that the industry waits for FASHION WEEKS' new collection offerings. So many questions are answered when the lights finally go down. What will be this season's 'IT' bag? What's the new hem-length? Are fabric-mixes in or out? WHAT COLOUR SHOULD I INVEST IN? What hairstyles are going to be HAWT? Should I be opting for 'BRONDE' still? TONI&GUY and label.m have all the answers. (NOTE: always bring pen and paper to create an ON-POINT shopping list/hair schedule there and then).

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the HIGH VOLTAGE street style that fashion week always brings. This year, determinedly sheltering from the rain under a restaurant awning (it POURED it down on DAY 1), it was unknown territory for those dressed in towering heels and rain-unappropriate ensembles (without a car or umbrella). BUT, that didn't stop the inspiration coming out in FULL FORCE and I absolutely adore that. GO WILD for the accessory inspo too - it's INCREDIBLE. 


All backstage and catwalk images are sourced from TONI&GUY Session Team using label.m 
All accessory cut outs are sourced from FARFETCH

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