Tuesday, 29 September 2015


The utterly INSANE amount of choice and variety. I just know that when I step forth onto that DREAMY digital shopping shelf (probably whilst wearing mismatched pyjama's, ridiculously large glasses and drinking from a VAT of wine) I will fall in LOVE with something. Or (in the majority of cases) a LOT of things. NOTE: My ASOS order history is one of my most closest guarded secrets.

ASOS Premier Delivery. Now if you haven't got this, I'm afraid we can't be friends. It's £9.95 for the YEAR. That means FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY PEOPLE. So, when you've DESTROYED your Beyonce-like ball-gown in the washing machine and are PANICKING by groaning, flinging clothes haphazardly up the walls and unproductively trying to sew your own. JUST STOP, and calmly log on to ASOS. It'll be here tomorrow. Good grief.  

#AsSeenOnMe – because we all #LOVE a hashtag and nosily eyeing up what others having bought and chosen. What? I'm a fashion blogger – I can't help myself. It's like some weird scanner in my head: I look at someone and it's like: 'new season Prada, H&M shirt, Topshop jeans, Sophia Webster classiiiccccs...aw!'...*bend down to pet shoes like dog*

SHOP: Nude shoes (HERE) / Pink shoes (HERE

Their ability to deliver on the HAWTEST, on-point styles of the season...and which, most importantly, come in ON BUDGET. Yes, I can freely admit there has been times when, seduced by the sight of a new Charlotte Olympia clutch or Michael Kors tote, I have thought: 'Who needs food or petrol? I'll just eat dry cereal and scoot to work!' But ASOS, luckily, brings you back to your senses with a new season drop that instantly channels what's out there on the catwalk, at an affordable price *HUSBAND groans sigh of relief*

SALE/MONEY OFF! There's always a GEM of a bargain to be had! Often enough, a cute little email is waiting expectantly in my inbox declaring that I'll get 25% off faux fur this #AW15! Or 15% off new shoe drops! Eek! *cue spilling of coffee/green tea/vino/cereal into lap*  
ASOS MARKETPLACE. It's about discovering new and emerging brands that you'll love. Want something original that means you won't have to run ten blocks to avoid the girl you just spotted wearing the exact same sweater dress? Me too! Hop on to ASOS Marketplace and discover brands like House of Sunny, Handpicked and many more! Living the dream people, we're just LIVING THE DREAM. 

SHOP: Ciaté Make-up (HERE) / Black shoe-boots (HERE) / Pink glittery faux-fur shoes (HERE

Because it's an INSPIRATIONAL HUB OF DREAMS. Cue it's trend-looks and 'Going out-out' etc pages! If there ever was a time to bring out the #INSPO hashtag it would be NOW. 

THE WEBSITE. Because it's just a dream to use. I don't get frustrated by it and I've never felt the need to throw my laptop out of the window! And the styled images are sublime, funky and on-point, whatever the season, whatever the trends, WHATEVER. 

It makes finding my husband's gifts a whole lot easier. Why are men so difficult to buy for? And then when I do have a good idea – I let it slip! *FAIL* ASOS has helped me out a number of times and calmed my inner present-buying nerves. 

SHOP: Ciaté Make-up (HERE) / 'Too glam to give a damn' phone case (HERE) / Faux fur clutch (HERE) / Red faux fur clutch below (HERE)

Because COOLNESS just reverberates from every angle of the brand. CLICK HERE to SHOP. It's a NO-BRAINER PEOPLE.

All images are sourced from ASOS/GPS Radar

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