Friday, 21 August 2015

I WANT IT ALL...#RiannaPhillips

What can I say? I'm RIDICULOUSLY obsessed with Rianna Phillips' designs. In all honesty, I actually, genuinely felt a little bit sick (with excitement...weird I know) when I downloaded these images because I WANT EVERYTHING IN THEM. I never even knew that I NEEDED a portfolio clutch with a blister pack on it, or a 'C'est La Vie' leather iPad sleeve. I don't even OWN an iPad for heavens sake, but I sure as HELL want it (I'll just slip a folded magazine in it). This brand has opened my eyes to all the things I'm currently missing in my life, or more my accessories wardrobe. I'm even considering painting a pineapple blue when I get home (but this may be one step too far)...

Click HERE to discover more from the brand and SHOP everything below, and let me know what you purchase in the comment box at the bottom of this post! 

All images above are sourced from Rianna Phillips 

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