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Guide to FIRENZE #Italy


So, I'M BACK. From the wedding, from the honeymoon...and as a newly-wed: a WIFEY (I feel it very important to establish this newly found status with a pair of Sophia Webster's shoes that quote 'Wifey for Lifey' on the soles...still trying to convince the HUSBAND to agree to this...). 

Anyway, WHAT a honeymoon it was. FIRENZE promised and delivered on DREAMY Italian streets, mutli-colourled (and flavoured) Gelato, and enough pasta to sink a Christian Louboutin shoe-filled battleship. It was terribly romantic too – although, I admit, I wasn't looking or feeling my most attractive mid-way through our trip (I actually resembled a cold-infused, snotty individual who unfortunately flaunted two bites on both legs the size of small islands off the coast of New Zealand). Thinking back, I think the Husband actually referred to me as: 'gross' and 'ridiculously sniffy', which weren't quite the phrases I would have imagined to be called when on honeymoon. 'Effortlessly chic' and 'much thinner and more stylish than all other women in the immediate vicinity' would have sufficed.

What I adored most about FIRENZE was the incredible streets with their ornate doors, gloriously relaxed vibes and sun-laden lanes to wander about. Every door was aesthetically pleasing and yearning for a photograph (I decided to stop taking door photographs after the third one...the HUSBAND said it was getting a little repetitive). And no one tells you about the SERIOUSNESS of the shopping. Not only do the little Italian shops draw you in with their bespoke leather bags and jackets, unique designs and hand-made jewellery, but H&M, Zara, CHANEL, Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo (and more!) line the city's golden streets. I literally shopped till I dropped...into a chair at the nearest bar, and had to (for hydration of course) order a cocktail...


GELATO: I ate (and highly recommend eating) gelato every day. Not only is it a refreshing palette cleanser, it's BLOODY wonderful stuff. You must try Mandarin! You can also get other flavoured variations like cheesecake, caramel, Tiramisu...etc.etc. But be warned, the gelato must be consumed at light-speed, otherwise ridiculously sticky fingers (it rolls down the tub/cone on to your hand) will ensue – which makes shopping, and rail-flicking* in H&M or Zara (note: both in the city centre) slightly less productive and slower (HEAVEN-FORBID).

CARBONARA [the sea-food kind]: If you didn't know already, one thing I can't resist is a smashing carbonara (ahem...(whispered) with chips). Yes, I know! Carbs with a side of carbs!! But we're talking heavenly. Most restaurants serve the dish, and mostly with seafood, which makes for a rather tasty twist. 

WINE: Very...very GOOD. I recommend their traditional Spritz as well (with prosecco) x 2 (make that three). Also, if you consume a good few and then take a trip into the serenly-spaced Michael Kors there, it's A LOT easier to part with money on that BEAUTIFUL new little style from the new collection...(not seen it? Check out my instagram @thefashionache and the hashtag: #TheFashionAcheGoesToItaly... 


Now, I don't know if you remember THAT episode of TOPGEAR where they road tested really small cars in Lucca, Italy? (Richard Hammond got stuck and lost his car, and James May got lost - while driving really slowly of course - and ended up driving on the city's walls - which I don't think is actually allowed). We headed to the picturesque town on the train and hired bikes to cycle round the wall on. Admittedly, I'm not the best on a bike. I was always that child who fell over every lunchtime in the playground, or fell of their bike before they'd even managed to get properly on it. Luckily, this particular trip was accident-free (if you disregard the frightened looks of people's faces as I haphazardly navigated the tiny Italian streets). But, I did fall in love with my hired bike (it had a handy basket at the front for my new Michael Kors). I considered taking it home, but I'd probably have fallen off by the time they'd realised it was gone...
Night time in FIRENZE was wonderful too. The temperature drops and the allure of the city lights makes you want to dance around the streets in a honeymoon-haze. I don't recommend heels though. The occasional sunken or raised mix of street stones makes for rather scary terrain (especially if you're wearing 2.5 inches of gorgeous heel...)

Would I go back? ABSOLUTELY. Have you been? 

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