Thursday, 13 August 2015

8 FASHION FAILS I'll admit to...

As a fashion blogger, I believe it somewhat healthy to sit and occasionally, admit, your key fashion faux pas'. Now, this can range from anything from wrongly coloured underwear, to...well, no underwear at, here are mine...

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1. Not planning the next day's outfit the evening before (even though I had good pre-outfit-planning intentions). This, of course, causes the inevitable OUTFIT PANIC; where even though you might own a ridiculous amount of clothing, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR. Nothing.*

2. OUTFIT REGRET - often in relation to the British weather. I.e. Baby pink foam sliders in the pouring rain (and no, I didn't float). Or towering heels for the office that I didn't realise I actually can't walk in. 

3. The INABILITY to browse ASOS without buying something. I have free next day delivery...what am I supposed to do? 

4. That time I bought a pair of galaxy print leggings from TOPSHOP. My thighs resembled two giant wales that looked like they'd been dipped in the cosmos. 

5. THAT time I was interning in the CLOSER Magazine cupboard and bent down in a pair of natty zebra-print harem pants and split them. And then, DELIGHTFULLY, had to walk from the offices to London Liverpool Street (because there was a tube strike) to catch my train and broke my sandal. Which resulted in me walking bare foot the rest of the way... 

6. A pair of LARGE, wide-legged orange trousers with a 70s belt. My husband said I looked like I worked for the highways agency. 

7, I just asked said Husband what else I've made a fashion faux pas on and he just mutely pointed at my current attire (which is some slightly mis-matched...okay, VERY mismatched pyjamas). 

8. The time I tucked my dress (it was a little black lace H&M number) into my pants. And then walked back into a crowded theatre...My advice for situations like this? Wear good pants.

*things that occur on a daily basis that I still never learn from 

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