Tuesday, 21 July 2015

HOW-TO make your own PHOTOBOOTH PROPS #WeddingFever

With the wedding just around the corner (3 DAYS AND COUNTING PEOPLE), admittedly I haven't been the MOST organised of bride-to-be's. However, I have made time to get my DIY-on and embrace some wedding-craft to save on the pennies! Setting about making your own photobooth backdrop and props isn't always easy, but it's definitely do-able! Here's my how-to on how to make your own, personalised photobooth props! 

Dowel (available from the likes of Homebase & B&Q)
Multi-coloured & textured foam sheets (available from Tesco's and The Range) 
Black & gold markers
A cardboard box (to stand your props in)
A ruler

1. Start by cutting out and decorating your foam prop-toppers (as it were) making sure they're neat. 
2. Cut up your dowel into equal lengths (about 25cm long each) 
3. Tape your foam prop-toppers to the dowel (see image below)
4. Make sure all is secure and they're not going to fly off mid-way through a photograph and surprise a guest. 
5. Cover your cardboard box in wrapping paper. 
6. Pierce holes in your cardboard box to prop your props up in! 

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