Friday, 17 July 2015

#Dropit - I will be!

So, picture this: you're going shopping (and I'm not talking floaty, drifting from-store-to-store shopping, I'm talking military must-find-this-and-this-shopping-list shopping), but afterwards you're meeting the girls for cocktails (Sex and the City-roof-top-style, like the one where Carrie wears soft grey hot pants and a halterneck). Question: do you A: arrive with millions of shopping bags and red rings up your arms from carrying so much sartorial weight, or B: use the brand-spanking new hands-free (yes hands-free) revolutionary shopping service that's coming to Regent Street? I say B. On Sunday 19th July, Regent Street, London, embraces Dropit, a cool, new shopping service that offers same-day delivery from store to your door (at an appropriate time of your choice). Visitors to the Dropit event space this Sunday can also find hot new DJ talent DJ Jade performing, impromptu dance performances and fabulous photo opportunities to discover and explore - and all without your arms laden with bags. 

So, how do you Dropit?
The brand explains...

Use the Dropit mobile app to see which of your favourite shops offers the service, helping you to plan your shopping route. Buy up big and then leave your shopping either in store or at one of the Dropit points located along Regent Street. Your bags will then be delivered to your home, hotel or office at a time convenient for you. 

Stop by one of the Dropit points or request the service in-store. Then set up your own profile via the app, simply fill in your home or hotel information and purchase Dropit credits so you can save time while enjoying a new bag-free shopping experience. Users can choose to purchase a single drop, a day pass or a three-day pass.

Track your bags using the app or select to receive status updates of your delivery via push notifications and email.

Your bags are delivered to your home or hotel on the same-day or the following evening depending on what suits your shopping style

Dropit. You’ve got to hand it to us.'

Find them on Twitter via the hashtag #Dropit

All images and quotes are sourced from Dropit/Portas PR

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