Thursday, 21 May 2015

THE shoes to CHOO'S #NEW

As my own wedding date nears (and as Fashion Ed. of Wedding Magazine), weddings and all-things bridal have been taking up most of my thoughts recently...(around 99.9% of them that is). And, after learning of Jimmy Choo's bridal shoe collection launch - with personal customisation service in tow (read my post on the arrival of the launch HERE) - everything's going a little bit HAZY (especially when I'm dreaming of taking to the aisle in my gown and complimenting Choos!). So, just think how I felt when the news arrived that the brand's Made-to-Order service and customised soles has just been updated with the chance to personalise your shoe sole with a date plaque! *fall's off chair in utter delight*

I'll leave you to revel/dream in this heart-stoppingly divine idea.....
Click HERE to discover the collection. 

All images are sourced from Jimmy Choo/Jimmy Choo PR

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