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If you hadn't guessed already - I've got a real penchant for tees: bold-explosive-in-style-slogan-covered tees. So, when I came across new t-shirt label Flock&Co, it was all I could do but - as their motto suggests:

Find out more in the interview below:

What's Flock & Co about as a label?
‘Hello we are Flock&Co. and to be honest we have never really seen ourselves as a label. Instead we just set out to create something different that we would all feel proud wearing ourselves. For us, being different has never been a bad thing. We celebrate difference and help others express their own individuality, as we know deep down there is a creative genius in all of us. We think its a tragedy that for so long people have been limited to such uninspiring designs and we want to change that, one t-shirt at a time!’

What inspires your designs?
‘Nothing in particular.  We don’t believe there’s a particular formula to be followed or a method to designing clothes.  We try to follow our hearts and our heads, striving to create something we love and that our fans love too.  This means we don’t have a particular style that people can associate with us which is somewhat unusual nowadays.  We try to keep our customers guessing and seek to create something different each time - but we certainly don’t plan our designs according to what we think might be popular or a house style.’

Who is Flock & Co? Who's behind the brand?
‘Our Flock is made up of 5 lifelong friends, who all came together with a passion to do something we believed in, whilst escaping the norm of corporate cage. We always knew from an early age that we were different and are keen to show this to the world. So we have left behind our unfilled lives of wasted talent and started something we are all truly proud of.  However, as you know, Flock&Co. is defined by its individuality, so here’s an introduction to each of us in one word:

Jon: Sleepy 
Josh: Quirky
Karim: Eclectic   
Matt: Dynamic  
Oliver: Conscientious’

Where do you hope to go with the label for the future?
‘Our aspirations for the future are simple. We want to stay true to our beliefs and share our vision with as many people as possible.  Our purpose is to design clothes that people love to wear - we’ll keep doing this but hopefully to an even better standard and for many, many more people.We’ve had some great feedback so far and we’re always listening to what our customers think.’ 

All images are sourced from FLOCK&CO.

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