Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Paul's Boutique @ TOPSHOP

If you hadn’t heard already, you can now find your Paul’s Boutique beauts in Topshop’s flagship store on Oxford Street! Delve amongst the glorious premium totes, bowling bags and purses, and discover a brand that is right on the fashion money for the new season. We caught up with Ram Khalif, Topshop’s Concession Manager for Paul’s Boutique for a quick Q&A...

Life before Paul’s Boutique:
‘Even though I was enjoying working at Accessorize on Bond Street as the Assistant Manager, I always think of my life before Paul’s Boutique as pretty dull! My heart has always been in fashion accessories and consumer-facing roles, but there’s something special about the buzz surrounding this brand.’

How long have you been with Paul’s Boutique?
‘Three years now. Time flies when you’re having fun!’

Why did you choose PB?
‘I felt like the brand really fitted with my personality. I’m quite outgoing and happy to chat to anyone and Paul’s Boutique bags are such conversation starters that I felt I’d be a good person to push sales and promote new lines. Plus, I like managing a team and think I’m firm but fair. The concession is a major part of day-to-day brand life so it’s something the team and myself take a lot of pride in.’

What is it like working at the Topshop flagship?
‘In three words? Vibrant, fun and exciting. Every single day brings something different: A new challenge or in-store event, or a new international customer who has never experienced the brand before and wants help deciding which bag suits them best. Using my language skills is also fabulous – the store is quite a tourist destination so we get a wide variety of people browsing the bags from all other the world.’

Which Paul’s Boutique handbags are the bestsellers at Topshop?
‘The famous Maisy bag in patent nude and black are consistently popular. This is the same for the sales on the website too – it’s so timeless and classic so has wide appeal. Our current seasonal bestsellers include the Natasha tote in Blue/Black Ombre and the Leather Brooke (our highest price point at £195). The slouchy Porter bowler bag in black suede is up there too – it’s so chic and luxurious, yet works as a day-to-day essential.’

What’s your proudest moment at Paul’s Boutique?
‘We once sold 27 bags to a single customer! That was an amazing day and we took a photo for social media of her laden with all her shopping bags! Also we won best concession team of the year in 2013, which was really a great acknowledgment of the hard work my team put in all the time.’

Best feedback from a customer?
‘One of my newest members of staff was quoted on the Topshop website as being the best example of Customer Service. That was fantastic! We always try to go above and beyond expectations and do our best to make sure they leave us feeling satisfied with their experience (and with a new handbag of course).’

And… your worst moment at Paul’s Boutique?
‘We had an absolute nightmare one year when we had to stop selling for half an hour during the Christmas sale period because we totally run out of stock.’

All images and quotes are sourced from Pauls Boutique/Surgery PR

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