Wednesday, 22 October 2014

ANNA-KARIN KARLSSON #drenchedinstyle

As a short-sighted and occasional spectacle-wearer it's an utter DELIGHT to come across ANNA-KARIN KARLSSON and her highly DECADENT frames. Drenched in SERIOUS STYLE, Karlsson's redefines the shape and décor of the frame and brings us glasses-wearers something to get excited about. Fall hard for her oversized beauties (reminiscent of something Gaga might don), redefine that everyday look with something encrusted in crystals or hark back to some old-school, classic Hollywood style with a pair a femme fatale would debut. There's nothing else quite like this brand - in terms of spectacles and sunglasses - for instance, where else will you find a frame with a leopard draped across it I ask?

2013 Collection

2013 Collection

All images are sourced from Anna-Karin Karlsson/Anna-Karin Karlsson PR

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