Saturday, 13 September 2014

What lies beneath: MAISON LEJABY

The lingerie house, Maison Lejaby has delivered a truly luxurious AW14 offering for the new season. The house, which has been making bras for over 130 years, has the benefit of a truly unique savoir-faire – gained from the brand’s 130-year history of innovation in the lingerie and swimwear industry. Using the best quality materials from the alluring world of haute couture, each piece is a divine work of art, and something you’ll want to wear every day of your life.

Maison Lejaby has also come up with 10 key tips on how to find the perfect bra. Here’s a few examples to help you on your way, and you can find the rest of their pearls of lingerie wisdom HERE. 

Determine your size – Get fitted!
70% of women do not know their bra size[1], and yet choosing the right bra ensures you feel and look great and will keep your breasts looking their best for longer. Maison Lejaby is stocked in a number of well-known nationwide retailers where you can be properly measured and fitted. These include House of Fraser, where you can find Maison Lejaby-trained staff on hand to fit you correctly.

Look after your lingerie
A bra is made from fine and fragile materials (lace, silk, cotton etc). It is therefore important to look after it so that it does not lose its effectiveness and attractiveness, and so that you can keep it for as long as possible. Top tips include:

·         Hand wash, as stated on our labels
·         Separate colours
·         Use warm water (30°C) and mild household soap or detergent
·         Always rinse after washing
·         Gently wring out and dry flat

If you have no choice other than machine washing:
·         Use a mild detergent, at 40° maximum
·         To avoid damaging your lingerie, place it in a mesh bag or pillowcase
·         Never tumble dry your lingerie: you could damage the elasticity of your underwear, make them shrink or flatten your padded bras.

Spot the signs of when you need to replace your bra
You use your bras every day, so over time they will wear, just like our clothes. Use these tips to spot the signs of when your bra has had its day.
·         You’re now using the tightest hook on the bra and yet it no longer feels fitted
·         When you walk, you can feel bounce and movement in your bra
·          The underwiring has worn through the material
·          The cups look mis-shapen from over stretching and over washing

All images are sourced from Maison Lejaby/MLPR

[1] Source: survey carried out in 2011 on almost 300 women from Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.


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