Saturday, 20 September 2014


Decadent, fluffy, COLOUR-POPPING pom poms, neon beading, BLAZING metallics and intricate detail – are just some of the phrases that come to mind when exploring the kaleidoscopic world of Sweetlime jewellery. When Elspeth J.Walker, the founder of the brand, arrived in India to source local materials, she was introduced to the drink ‘Sweetlime’. This chilled soda water with freshly squeezed, locally grown sweet limes was so refreshing that it left a SERIOUS lasting impression. The designs, which draw inspiration from Europe, India and South East Asia, are the perfect accessory for brightening up any ensemble in your wardrobe. But, the question is: which design will you choose?  

All images are sourced from MLPR/Sweetlime

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